Create Photo Lab templates easily and fast!

The Photo Lab app for iOS and Android includes a unique collection of realistic photo effects, filters, face montages, e-cards, animated effects and a lot more.

A template is an effect that is applied to a user photo.

See how dramatically photos can change after being edited with Photo Lab templates.
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How to create a template

A template consists of graphic layers created in Photoshop and a set of specifications on how these layers should be combined with a user photo. Specifications are made by the Template Creator — an application that works in conjunction with Photoshop.

You need the Template Creator to:

Indicate where a user
photo will be placed
Add awesome
filters and correct colors
Check how a template
works on different photos
Learn more about the development process

With the Template Creator you can:

Place stickers on a user photo

The Template Creator is able to place a small image in a target area of a human head, body or an animal face.

Add dynamic masks

Select separate objects in a user photo using the Template Creator and use areas of detected objects as a mask.

Animate your template

Extend the appeal of your template with animated elements. An animated template can be built from any type of template.

Even more features