Versions history

Download the latest version of Template Creator: download.


Head detector v2 was improved to support neuro-processed photos.


Added support for the head detector v2 and hair detector v2. Both of these detectors give better hair detalisation than the v1.


Added support for the figure detector v3 that selects a figure more precisely and with more detailed hair.


In the version 18.0.1 fixed a bug that sometimes appeared when opening projects with the FWM type layer (Face Warp Mesh).


New in version 18.0.0:

  1. It is now possible to use several photos in projects of Sticker and Filter type.
  2. Animated projects now take into account the visibility of not only photo regions, but also of graphic layers.
  3. Added support of the Face Warp filter.
  4. Added a visual editor for the Gradient Map filter.
  5. Added opacity support for the Gradient Map filter.
  6. When exporting template resources as ZIP, in addition to automatically created previews, was added an option to manually specify the preview file, or to use a placeholder image.
  7. For the Preprocess Rules section now added the Crop by mask mode (face, figure or head mask). When cropping by face or head mask, also made available the eye alignment option.
  8. Added two new insertion modes — Crop from top and Crop from bottom.
  9. In the Sticker Position Editor stickers of the current group are now available for importing from the Import menu.


New in version 17.0.0

  1. A feature added that make possible to to modify the list of input photos before the template processing will start. The following manipulations are available:
    • copy the one of the input photos with the desired index (in place of another photo or as an additional photo);
    • exchange of input photos for the specified indices;
    • load a photo from the URL (instead of one of the input ones or in addition to them);
    • load a photo from the worker's resources (instead of one of the input ones or in addition to them)
    • resize input photo
      • set the exact size (with or without keeping the proportions).
      • set maximum and minimum sizes.
    To start the editor, you need to select File - Edit project - Advanced - Edit preprocess rules.
  2. Parsing of projects with a large number of stickers was speeded up.


In this version for the Gradient map filter added a support for gradients, defined by any number of points. The filter results is are similar to Photoshop.


New in version 16.2.4

  1. Sketch mask (SKETCH_DETECTION) support added.
  2. Export template resources as ZIP feature now creates previews automatically and includes PSD and project files inside resulting zip.


Subsize processing for masks was fixed.


In the version 16.2.2 the support of a glasses dynamic mask was added.


In the version 16.2.1 the support of updated format of Emotions filter parameters was added.


New in version 16.2.0

  1. For the Sticker-type projects some restrictions was removed: for now it became possible to use multiple orientations, more than one user photo regions and other features, which were forbidden for this project type earlier. At the same time the feature of automatically creation of the Rasterization filters for newly created stickers was removed, so now the Rasterization filters need to be created manually. Thus, the Sticker-type project has become funtionality equivalent of the Filter-type project.
  2. The new Eyedropper by mask filter was added. This filter fills the layer with the color, taken from the specified area of the user photo.
  3. The new parameter Ignore meta was added for the User Photo Region. When the value set to True , then for the photo with the index, specified for this User Photo Region, all masks will be created basing on the current photo, instead of the initial source photo, taken from the meta (usually, this is the photo, which was passed as the input to the first step of the combo).
  4. Preview in the filters editor was fixed for User Photo Regions with the image indexes other than 0.
  5. The Color transfer filter now works correctly in case when the same Image-type layer is used in multiple places.
  6. When exporting processing results, the suggested path resetting to the default value in case when the folder, used for the previous export, does not exists now. User still able to choose any path they want before the export.


In the version 16.1.0 a Photoshop 21 compatibility was improved.


New in version 16.0.0

  1. Dynamic masks (and dynamic position) now can be marked as optional or required. If during the processing the required mask can't be built (e.g., no hair was detected on userphoto), the processing will be stopped with error. Opposite, for the optional mask in the same situation the processing will be continued with assumptation that mask is empty.
  2. Live preview implemented in the filter's editor.
  3. Face multimask support was added. This mask allows to process the selected parts of face separately.
  4. The new Color transferfilter. This filter transfer the color and the texture of the skin or hair from one photo (style photo) to another (target photo). The style photo should be placed in the PSD as the Image-type layer.
  5. Use original combo image option was discontinued.


In the version 15.1.6 a rendering of the gradients was fixed.


In the version 15.1.5 a support of a head turns options were added to the Emotions Transfer filter. Also a number of previously reported issues were fixed.


In the version 15.1.4 the functionality of flipping Face region vertically/horizontally was fixed.


New in version 15.1.3

  1. The functionality of flipping Face region vertically/horizontally was partially fixed.
  2. Dynamic position menu item was removed from layer's context menu (but it is still acessible via the Layer menu or via the layer's properties panel).


New in version 15.1.2

  1. Dots, Scribble and Triangulate filters were improved. New parameters were added to these filters.
  2. Reparsing of the PSD with the stickers has been speed up.


In the 15.1.1 the ability to turn off animation was fixed.


New in version 15.1.0

  1. Opacity support was improved.
  2. New filters added: Dots, Scribble, Triangulate.
  3. The settings was added to be able to switch processing to the test server.


New in version 15.0.1

  1. "Vintage" filter was fixed and now it works as in worker v.2. This may lead into the previously created templates will change their processing results.
  2. The representation of old projects migration reports was improved.
  3. The number of cases, when bak-files will be created when opening the project, was minimized.


New in version 15.0.0

  1. The export of the graphics for stickers now includes the out-of-the canvas areas into the exporting image.
  2. Use original combo image option added, which allows to access the original input image of the combo on the any step of the combo.


New in version 14.3.0

  1. Clothes mask added.
  2. clean_shadows_on_masks filter support added.
  3. History of processing results implemented - now, in addition to the current result, you can simultaneously view the previous result.
  4. Processing errors are now collected in a single dialog that does not block access to the Cancel button.
  5. Body mask version 1 discontinued.
  6. Function of changing the type of user photo region added. See the Layer menu - Change user photo region type.
  7. Support of 32-bit versions of Windows discontinued.


New in version 14.2.0

  1. Added support for stickers based on animal faces.
  2. In Filter templates graphic layers are now stretched according to the canvas size rather than being cropped. This will affect existing templates (after resaving them).
  3. For skeleton-based stickers now it is possible to process several people on a single photo.
  4. Added 10 new neural filters.
  5. For face-based stickers there is a new scaling option available - by distance between the eyes.
  6. Added support for the filter 'auto_enhancement'.
  7. Default parameters for Smooth Radius and Eroding Width are now set to 0 when applying a mask by user photo.
  8. Changed error codes for skeleton-based stickers. Now they don't refer to a certain point they were not able to find (eg. Left hip was not found), but there is one general error that there is a missing po int.
  9. Fixed behaviour of sticker position editor when selecting typical bindings.
  10. More than 40 other fixes and improvements.


New in version 14.1.3

  1. A little fix to neurofilter skin enhancements feature.


New in version 14.1.2

  1. The dynamic mask by the sky was added.
  2. Skin enhancements functionality added for the neurofilters.


New in version 14.1.1

  1. The issue with the server processing of the projects with the subsizes was fixed.
  2. The 'Export as Zip' functionality was fixed for the templates with the subsizes.


New in version 14.1.0

  1. Dynamic position functionality. This feature allows to position the layer inside the bounding rect of dynamic mask.
  2. Stickers, positionaed be skeleton points. This allows to position stickers not only on the face, but also on any point on the body, based on the position of the main joints on the body.
  3. For the animated templates now it is possible to reparse only the frames delays, ignoring all other PSD content.
  4. 'Pencil Sketch' filter added.
  5. 'Chalk and Charcoal' filter added.
  6. Preview functionality in the face position editor was fixed.
  7. Other fixes and improvements.


New in version 14.0.0

  1. Support of 'head' dynamic mask added.
  2. The default installation path is now C:\\PhotoTestTool2\ due the worker limitations. Thus, the test photos are now stored in C:\\PhotoTestTool2\TestPhotos.
  3. More than 40 other fixes and improvements are made.


New in version 13.2.2:

  1. Fixed the issue with processing the templates with much different layers structure in different orientations.